Clown Jam with Charlotte Gowdy

For theatre professionals and performers (actors, dancers, musicians, writers, rule-breakers etc). Emerging and mid-career artists are encouraged to apply. No previous clowning experience necessary.


In the spirit of serious playfulness, Charlotte Gowdy leads the group through various tasks and exercises to generate ideas, personas, and content suitable for crafting a clown performance. Participants are given the opportunity to practice basic principles of clowning (lazzi, fixed point, the flop, etc.) both as individuals and in small groups. The techniques particular to clowning “online” are explored with several tips and tricks along the way. This class is aimed at anyone who wants to develop their clown ideas, no matter which stage of development they are at.


Curiosity required. Laughter guaranteed.

Select your tuition: we offer a sliding scale of options from full tuition to support our teaching artists, teacher's assistants and our team to pay-what-you-wish option to audit the class:


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