Digital Stage

GhostLight's Digital Stage, is a virtual theatre. It is a meeting place for creation, collaboration and innovation. As we venture into the territory of online performance, it is our mission to leverage possibilities presented to us as we help our creative industry adapt to new platforms and new opportunities for creation. We will translate the synergy of audience and performer sharing the same physical space; and we are inspired by the challenge of optimizing this new theatrical platform and delivering new experiences to new audiences.

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As your company looks to take your creativity online you are faced with a myriad of daunting challenges. What technology platforms should you consider? Does an off-the-shelf conferencing solution work for what you wish to present? Furthermore, there are new graphic design requirements and marketing opportunities for you to consider. Even collecting money and monetizing your project is different.


As you look for ways to expand into this space, we are pleased to offer our expertise as partners in live broadcast through a number of different formats and supporting services. From classic panel discussions, interactive moderated conversations, to custom built digital theatrical experiences, we are here to help you make your vision a reality.

On the Digital Stage

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GhostLight's Digital Stage provides everything you need to realize your dream - freeing you to illuminate, collaborate and create.

 Customized Solutions

Our production experts work with you to build a unique, virtual theatrical experience. We love saying, "Yes, we can do that!"

Reliable Streaming

Our team of media experts monitor your event from start to finish to ensure the best audio-visual quality possible.

Design Services

Our design team will collaborate with you to translate your production's concept for the digital space.

Promotional Support

Our digital marketing team and global network of online theatre patrons ensure maximum exposure for your production.

Live Video

Make the biggest possible impact with live video streamed to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  - any streaming platform! Broadcast your production to a global audience. 

Dedicated Technical Support

Enjoy the peace of mind with a dedicated  streaming specialist.

Archivable Performance

 Receive an HD quality video so your audience can enjoy it to share whenever and however you wish.

Monetization Services

We can help monetize your production with box office support, with options for "pay per view" as well as ways to optimize  revenue from archived productions.

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