Studio Sessions shine a light on Canada’s most prolific theatre artists

Everyone is welcome to attend!


Curated by Charlotte Gowdy, these candid conversations provide insight into the artistic processes of the masters. You’ll learn tips, techniques and personal secrets of the craft from a variety of actors, directors, playwrights, stage managers, designers and creators. Conversations are followed by a live Q&A session, open to all.

These public sessions are broadcast on a regular basis at 11am EST on Facebook Live. For dates and more information on upcoming Studio Sessions, please see below.

Past Sessions - Charlotte Gowdy With ...

Sadie Berlin

Charlotte Gowdy is joined by Sadie Berlin to talk about her exploration of Cultural Dramaturgy. She is currently leading a class with GhostLight that is focused on finding ways of holding space for artists working through material that tackles trauma, homophobia, racism, ableism, transphobia, et cetera. Think of it as the cultural equivalent of an intimacy coordinator but as a practice integrated into dramaturgy.

Some questions we aim to explore with Sadie in our Studio Session:


  • Definition and Purpose of Cultural Dramaturgy

  • Incorporating Cuttral Dramaturgy into the rehearsal process 

  • Findings from Sadie's GhostLight Course

E.B. Smith

Charlotte Gowdy is joined by E.B. Smith, GhostLight's Co-Founder and Director of Creative Strategy, in a candid discussion about allyship in the arts industry.


The focus is on institutional allyship: in the rehearsal hall, at the Board of Directors level, and even how it can be applied to companies (across all industries) who want to align themselves as anti-racist and anti-oppressive.

Topics we’ll cover include:


  • Casting by Consent

  • Board governance

  • Solidarity statements

  • How to introduce actionables into forward-looking plans

  • EB’s journey from actor to activist

  • Invitation vs Appropriation

Part 1

Part 2

Kimberley Rampersad

Mentorship: The Cycle of Wisdom. Why be a mentor or a mentee? What are the career-boosting and life-enriching benefits of this give & take relationship? In our next Studio Session, we will explore the art of passing on wisdom with Kimberley Rampersad who has experience on both sides of the equation. How do you find and keep a mentor? What are the parameters of good mentorship? When do you know you're ready to mentor others? What is the difference between mentorship and coaching?


The art of mentorship will be discussed from all angles in his Studio Session.

Chilina Kennedy

In our first Studio Session Charlotte Gowdy interviewed Canadian music theatre superstar Chilina Kennedy. Their conversation focused on, "Auditioning for Music Theatre - North & South of the Border" as well as an engaging Q&A.

Watch it on our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ghostlightcanada/videos/245187273492365/

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