GhostLight thanks our faculty, volunteers, GoFundMe contributors and the following for their support:


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Winter 2021 Session is Open

Helping  Illuminate our Community

Our first Class of the new year is taught by GhostLigtht co-founder E.B. Smith and is entitled Theatrical Revolutionaries: Vol. 1 William Wells Brown. Learn more and register here.

Thank you for coming together and helping us reach $1,255 in donations for our fundraising campaign! We are thankful not only for  our amazing donors who contributed to keeping our organization running in the new year, but also to our virtual community that shared their stories about how GhostLight helped them shine a little brighter during these uncertain times.

We were touched and moved by your stories and hope to continue to have these experiences and create space for these connections to continue to happen for as long as we can! 

With this in mind, we have decided to re-open our campaign and continue to accept donations until the end of the year. We want to be able to offer you an amazing year of free programming next year and we won’t be able to do it without your help. So please, if you are able, we would very much appreciate your contribution to our campaign.


Happy holidays and much love, 

The GhostLight Team. 

Ghost lights have stood vigil over unoccupied theatres for years, protecting the stage in darkness and illuminating the space for creative spirits to play in the void.

Our mission is to sustain this vigil in the virtual world; providing a beacon for actors and other artists to gather together and collaborate through mentorship, conversation and collective creation. (more)

To date GhostLight has received no government, or corporate support and has been created through the efforts of a team of volunteers and sustained by our donors. 

GhostLight thanks our faculty, volunteers, FundRazr and GoFundMe contributors and the following for their support:


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